Thank you for visiting Raven Arts art studio.  Many of your questions may be answered below.  If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact using the contact page: CONTACT US
Thank you for visiting Raven Arts art studio.  Many of your questions may be answered below.  If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact using the contact page: CONTACT US

​​How do I request art?
At this time parts of my commission list is five to six years old so I am not taking new orders. Due to disability and natural disasters my work load has been slowed to a crawl if at all.

(Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget this is not a businesses its an art gallery)

Do you take trades?
Yes! When I have time and I am not in pain.

Why are you taking so long to make my commission?
Every customer and project requires a different amount of attention to complete a project. I do apologize if you feel you have waited a long time. Rest assure I will get to your project as soon a humanly possible and I will give you the same level of attention and quality assurance that all my customers have come to enjoy. In times when the COMMISSION LIST is long processing times will be longer then normal due to the length of the list itself, natural disasters and disability. If you are concerned about your commission please contact me for more information. Also I have a neurological disorder which slows down the production of my art. I have to deal with pain everyday of my life. I will get to your commission as soon as possible!



What are materials?
Materials or supplies are the components used in the manufacturing of your custom commission orders. The prices of all items in the catalog do not reflect the cost of the materials or supplies. They only factor in the cost of the labor put into the creation of items in the order. On small orders such as single page illustrations, reference sheets, design drawings, concept drawings and convention badges all materials or supplies are provided free of charge.  However on larger orders such as costumes, mascot or fursuits (bodies or heads) , tales, hand or foot paws, stuffed animals, paintings, sculptures and multi page comic books the materials or supplies will be ordered from third party vendors online from sites like Amazon.com, Etsy.com, Fabric.com, wanderingbull.com and onlinefabricstore.net at the expense of the commissioner of the custom art order. Forty percent of the time materials or supplies cost more then the total of the commissioner. Due to several



How much will shipping cost?
Shipping fees vary based on the quantity and type of art you've asked for. Insurance, tracking and international shipping will affect the shipping cost. All shipping questions can be addressed by contacting our shipping partners.

Who are your shipping partners and where dose my art ship from?
All art is shipped from our partners at:

The UPS Store of Sebastian
Mailing Address:
9611 N US HWY 1

Phone Number:
(772) 589-1975




Once project is completed it is picked up by our shipping partners. They pack and label your order for shipment. You contact them directly to pay for your shipping costs. They will provide you with any and all information relating to the shipping of your order.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes - We ship allover the world. If there is a system for the delivery of mail in your area and you cover the shipping cost for your order with our partners they will get it to you.

What about duties and taxes?
Any duties and taxes will be calculated and added to the total of your shipping and billed to you at the time you pay for shipping with our shipping partners.

Can I ship to a P.O. Box?
Yes - Your items will be delivered to any address you give. Since all shipment have tracking no mater where it is delivered we will know when it gets there.

How do I track my shippment?
Tracking comes on all non illustration orders unless other wise specified at the time of shipping. Tracking is provided via email sent to you from our shipping partners. Tracking is mandatory on all orders other then illustrations. Any large and expensive art will not be shipped without tracking.

Is my package insured?
Insurance comes on all non illustration orders unless other wise specified at the time of shipping. Insurance is provided from our shipping partners. Insurance is mandatory on all orders other then illustrations. Any fragile art will not be shipped without insurance.

What happens if my art is damaged during shipment?
Contact our shipping partners at the above phone number and address or contact us via the CONTACT PAGE a claim will be filed. Please take photos of the shipping box, the packing, damaged items and any paperwork that you have. Have the images ready to be sent to us or the shipping partners upon request.

(UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you give your one of a kind unique custom art creations to any insurance handlers. They may come and inspect the art but they should never take your art. If they pay for a replacement or repairs you can ship the damaged item back to us for repairs. You can not have something repaired that has been take away from you!)

What type of packaging do you use?
All art is packed to the standard of the insurance companies. My shipping partners are fastidious when it comes to safely packing my art. They understand the importance of my work and in making sure it gets to my customers safely. If you have any concerns or special requests please feel free to contact my shipping partners phone number and address above.

When will my art ship?
All art ships from my shipping partners the same day or the next day depending on the time of day that you contacted them and paid for the shipping, handling and insurance.






What is the 100% satisfaction guarantee?
I strive to create the best art for my customers that is humanly possible considering my condition. My guarantee is based on something as simple as a handshake or my word! – The deal that you'll be satisfied with your art, and if you are not, I will make it right. I guarantee that I will hold up my end of the bargain. It's just how I do things. If your art isn't completely satisfactory, I will rework it until it fulfills all of your expectations. Once I start your art I focus completely on your commission. Speaking directly with you in one on one chat or phone sessions. I ask all the questions needed to make sure I completely understand what you are looking for. Most of the time I offer free concept art drawings. I go out of my way to offer hundreds if not thousands of images of your commission in the process of its creation. I offer live cam feeds of me working on your project. All the art I make is made to your specifications, standards and desires. You are given the chance to be there and part of it as its being made. You get to take an active role in looking at your update images and telling me real time what you think and what changes you want made. Do not be shy about asking for more images, longer cam times or to ask for something to be fixed and or changed. That is what I'm here for. That is what you pay me for. You will be asked each time the project has come to a stage that would seal the work and or other wise prevent changes from being able to be made after that point, so you know when we reach that point expect the following question "Are you one hundred percent happy with it and can I move on to the next stage" and if you give authorization for the next step by saying "YES" I move on to the next stage and continue sending you update images, asking questions, offering cam time and requesting permission to continue. If you are unhappy with a final project that you got that is because you did not have me make the changes you really wanted. I am happy to make anything you want but I am not a mind reader. Tell me what you want and need and my goal is to make it happen so that you are completely happy! So make sure you accept my invitation to be an active participant in your commission!  Due to the fact that every step of the creation process comes with hundreds of photos and live cam time allowing you to have a hands on role in the creation of your custom created art I do not take returns. You are given every opportunity to have your order changed and fixed as it is being made. So again I ask that you take an active role in looking at your update images so that you are happy with your work. You and I are partners in making sure you are happy with your finished order. By following the information above we can both make sure you get what you want out of your art commission!

Special Conditions to the satisfaction guarantee
To help protect you and make sure every commission is dealt with fairly as possible in certain situations exceptions must be made some of these situations are as follows.

   •  It may take a wile for me to get to your commission because people waiting before you, Natural disasters and disability each person on the COMMISSION LIST gets my full attention when it is there turn. Each person requires a different amount of attention and time to make sure they are completely satisfied. Once they are done and happy I can ship there art and move down the list. Rest assured you will get the same attention when it is your turn. Just please be patient.

   •  If an item is damaged in shipping please contact my shipping partner for further assistance. As Raven Arts dose not handle the shipping and insurances is mandatory on most items all shipping issues are covered by the insurance or the shipping partner. See above information for partner shipping.

   •  On rare occasions we may find that we do not see eye to eye on a part of a project despite my experience I will defer to your requests as you are the commissioner and you get what you want. I will explain my reservations in every way that I can but I will follow your request. Ultimately if you are unhappy with the choice you made and you know I warned against it I can not be held responsible for any aspects that I highly advised against.

     When helping you select materials or supplies for your commission I will give you links and recommendations to products I have used. You have the right to pick and choose anything you want to be used for your commission. If you choose to order cheaper or substandard inventory to save money I can not be held responsible if your commission dose not last as long as you would like or if you are unhappy with the finished quality of the product. Cutting corners often leads to commissions having  a half life.

   •  All costumes, mascot or fursuits (tails, hand and foot paws) are brand new and never used or soiled. All art commissions are unique hand made one of a kind creations. Due to this if you use and or abuse your commission and it is damaged during this activity I am happy to do repairs at any time to help maintain my work. However shipping would be the owners responsibly. There would be no charge for repairs unless materials or supplies are required for the repair and then the cost of those parts would be the owners responsibly.

How long has Raven Arts been in business?
Raven Art is proud to have been creating unique custom hand made traditional art for the world for twenty years now and going strong! I only wish I was able to create more works of art but due to
a neurological disorder which makes me have to deal with pain everyday of my life the production of my art has slowed down.

How do I make a donation?
You can make donations to Raven Arts by using the donation button on the HOME PAGE or by sending a paypal to Amdoggett@yahoo.com All donations go to whatever charity I happen to be working with at the time that it is made.

Do you make guest appearances at any cons or meets?
I have not in years

I want to download or license an image that I found on this site. How do I do that?
Please contact Raven Arts studio via the CONTACT PAGE and we can work out the details.


Where can I get a pin made like the patron pin?
Jackie Lee
Green Tree Gifts Co.,Ltd.
Jin Gu Village 28#, Feng Huang Town,
Zhahg Jin Gang, Su Zhou City, Jiang Su Province, China
Facebook: Jackie Lee

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(This is not a business it is an art gallery)

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