WHO IS Alan M. Lubeski?  

Originally a self-taught artist who was projected into the art world in the late 1990’s after being recruited by Walt Disney World Inc. He is known for his variety of techniques in creating art and his ability to adapt his style to the needs of any project.

After college and years of working for the mouse he is able to use all he has learned to create with just about every medium known to man. That has allowed him to create almost anything people asked of him.

Alan M. Lubeski  has worked with some of the hottest international talents and has art hanging in almost every country in the world! His work is collected by a host of A-listers as well as you and me.

Due to natural disasters and disability Alan has not created new work in years and he uses this web site as a gallery showing off his past work. If he creates new work in the future it will be posted here.

Welcome to the official web page for the art and works of Alan Lubeski.

A retired Disney animator.

My job in life is to make your dreams, wishes and imagination a reality!

In my studio Raven Arts, I can create almost anything you dare to dream.

So? What can I bring to life for you today?

"Thank you for taking the time to look at my art.

Alan M. Lubeski

Alan M. Lubeski
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